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Business Insurance

As a Small to Medium sized enterprise (SME) or a larger organisation, it is always a good and prudent business decision to minimise potential risks that the company could encounter.  This can be done by either self-insuring or by risk transfer to a third party (an insurance company). Business insurance is there to help.


IAS has been discussing these issues for over 40 years with a wide variety of clients and have helped businesses make smart decisions about their own business and to look out for “trips and traps”.


When effecting an insurance policy, it is important to understand exactly what you are covered for and,more importantly, what is not covered.  You do not want to find out, at time of claim, that the policy you have implemented is not sufficiently comprehensive enough when it is needed the most.


Our Services encompass the following:

  • ensures your company has a holistic approach to risk
  • identifies, monitors and manages your risk exposures
  • reduces financial exposures
  • assessing the adequacy of your current insurance programme
  • setting appropriate limits of indemnity
  • reviewing contractual indemnities and waivers of subrogation
  • quantifying liability and long tail risk exposures


We have an extensive range of business insurance options and our experience team of advisors are here to help and ensure your business is protected.

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