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Frequently Asked Questions

With more than 40 years experience – we’ve made insurance personal. Below are just some of the questions we are frequently asked. If you can’t see what you’re after – click on the Contact Us page and get in touch.

Why should I use an insurance broker and not just jump online and go direct?

These days, many brokers and insurers online use computer formulas to determine ‘best fit’ policies. Often completed online, these formulas can only be as effective as the questions programmed to be asked and the answers given. IAS provides qualitative, face-to-face advice and our approach is adjusted to fit your specific needs and industry.

How do I know if I have chosen the best policy?

As with most things, you need to obtain expert advice. To the inexperienced or untrained, a range of insurance policies may look the same, but actually be quite different. Don’t wait until you have to make a claim to find out that you’re not covered. Get in touch with IAS today.

Shouldn’t I just pick the policy with the lowest price?

There is an old saying “you only get what you pay for!” with insurance this is invariably true.  Ensuring that you are covered correctly for the things that are important to you is as essential as obtaining good advice and proper coverage. Saving a few dollars up front may end up costing you hundreds or even tens of thousands of dollars down the track. If you do go with the cheapest policy, ensure that you understand why it’s cheaper – not everything is always as it seems.

Why should I use IAS and not another insurance broker?

IAS works with businesses and families to build and protect their financial wellbeing. Most insurance brokers will only look after the Business needs and refer the personal requirements to another unfamiliar advisor. We like to keep everything with the one main key contact within the businesses so that we can build an ongoing relationship.

What do you mean by non-conflicted?

Insurance Advisory Service is 100% non-conflicted. This means that we are not bound by any one product or group of products, and are able to assess and advise freely. As a client, this means that you get objective advice and recommendations that are based upon our experience and industry knowledge, not our relationship with the product or insurance provider.

How does being a Steadfast Broker help me?

Bigger really is better. Steadfast brokers together form Australasia’s largest network of general insurance brokers and are well positioned to look after your insurance needs. Independence, with Group strength – Each broker operates independently, using local experience and industry knowledge to customise solutions that suit individual businesses. Through the size and reach of the Steadfast they also have access to best choice insurance products not publicly available.


A customised solution doesn’t write itself: it’s a Steadfast broker’s job to get inside the inner workings of your business. They consult closely with each client, walking you through a risk assessment, taking into account how your business performs, its operating environment, market trends and your people. Having gained an understanding of what’s important to you, they are well placed to determine your overall insurance and funding needs.


So no matter what kind of business you’re in, no matter how many staff you have, a Steadfast broker can provide expert advice, source insurance solutions and funding options that make sure your doors remain open.

When obtaining Finance why wouldn’t I just go to my usual bank for all my needs?

We have seen on a number of occasions where business clients have been caught out when using a bank facility for all their business and personal borrowings. Cross-collateralisation clauses with mortgage documents can mean that all your assets could be used to repay debt if things go wrong in your business. This could mean losing your home!

Do I have any control over where my superannuation is invested?

Yes with freedom of choice, you can pick your fund and how your contributions are invested.  By taking control of your superannuation, this could add substantially more funds at retirement by investing to your correct “risk profile”.

I heard I can buy a property through my super? How is this done?

Some clients manage their own superannuation and invest in real property, however this should always be done with the correct advice and it is not for everyone. IAS can sit with you and discuss the possibilities of this approach along with the pro’s and con’s of this strategy.

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