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IAS is backed by Steadfast Group Limited, an Australian company comprising of a vast network of independently owned insurance brokerages. With a Steadfast Insurance Broker, you get the best of both worlds – local and personalised service, with the insurance expertise and support of a large organisation. Steadfast also offer Steadfast Life – specialist life insurance products that are available direct online.

Last year, NIBATV visited the Pendleburys after the 2013 Blue Mountain bushfires swept through their property leaving their house and all their lifelong treasures in a smoky rubble.

Many of their neighbours in the community were unable to rebuild, but fortunately for the Pendleburys, insuring through a broker meant the family were able to get back on their feet.

18 months later, NIBATV caught up with the Pendleburys in their brand new house to discuss just how important their broker was to their near flawless recovery.

Australians in business are taking on all sorts of challenges every day. The Steadfast Broker difference coupled with the belief that “it’s not just business, it’s personal”, delivers our service promise daily to clients across the nation.

Making a claim can be confusing. There are many benefits to having a broker guide you through the process. This helpful video from Vero Insurance explains how a broker can assist you with your business’s insurance claims. So you have more time for managing your business instead.

When a devastating fire threatened Blake’s future, his Steadfast Insurance Broker, Kay was able to help him get back up and running in three months.

Webjet is the largest online travel agency in Australia & New Zealand. As COO, Shelley knows first hand, the value and importance of having an insurance expert on her “team”. Enter Steadfast Insurance Broker, Nicole.

Alliance Furniture on managing an insurance claim, with the help of a broker.

Mo’s cafe in Sydney’s Surrey Hills has recently transitioned from day to night time venue. Owner Richard sat down with Steadfast insurance broker Nicole Mellick to discuss his changing insurance needs.

Why SME’s should seek the advice of a Steadfast insurance broker when protecting their business.

With over 30 per cent of businesses in Australia experiencing a cyber crime incident in 2015, ensuring you have cyber protection has never been more necessary.

Insurance – you never need it until you need to make a claim. David Koch sits down with Steadfast MD & CEO, Robert Kelly, to discuss why it’s important for small business.

IAS have handled a number of claims over the past 40 years and fortunately most have been paid. Some however do hit ‘snags’ and one of the main causes of the claims to be reassessed or declined is around the Duty of Disclosure.

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