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Trauma Insurance

Providing more than just insurance, Trauma Insurance provides you with assurance.

If you have suffer a serious medical condition such as stroke, cancer, heart attack or are in an accident, Trauma Insurance can pay out a one-off lump sum. Trauma Insurance takes the pressure off, so you can spend time recovering, not worrying about your finances.


Suffering a critical illness is bad enough on its own, however the financial consequences can often be just as devastating and can remain a burden long after you’ve recovered physically.


Trauma Insurance is designed to protect policyholders and their families from the financial impacts of serious illness. It achieves this by paying out a lump sum amount that can be used to ease the financial burden during this stressful time.


When considering Trauma Insurance, there are many products on the market, and the number of conditions covered can vary widely. Cheaper policies tend to cover fewer conditions, and definitions are often narrower in application.


In most cases “accidental” types of traumas are covered immediately, although many insurers impose a waiting period (commonly 90 days after the policy is accepted) for certain illnesses.


Importantly, do not confuse TPD Insurance with Trauma Insurance. Trauma insurance pays you if you suffer a critical illness or traumatic event, while TPD Insurance pays you if you become totally and permanently disabled.


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