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Trauma Insurance – Case Study

Trauma? Won’t happen to me. Or will it?


Insurance Advisory Service met with long-term client, Emma Matthews* for her annual policy review. In conversation with Emma, she mentioned that in the previous 12 months she started to feel lethargic and worn out. Upon a visit to her GPs office and following a series of tests, Emma was diagnosed with thyroid cancer.


IAS enquired as to why she hadn’t informed us of this condition and treatment, she felt that “as it was minor” she did not think it worthwhile letting us know. We reviewed Emma’s Trauma Insurance policy wording and discussed the possibility of making a claim with her insurer.


Outcome: As a result of the comprehensive Trauma Insurance placed by IAS, Emma received a lump sum payment of one million dollars from the insurer. Insurance Advisory Service assisted Emma in making her claim, which was paid within 14 days of claim paperwork being accepted along with her medical reports.


Emma was treated quickly and made a recovery in a relatively short period of time. With a significant lump sum payment in hand, Emma had total peace of mind and financial freedom during this stressful period.


Lesson: Policies must be reviewed regularly. What appears unimportant today, may become relevant and significant tomorrow.


*Real names are not used due to client confidentiality

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