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Income Protection Insurance – Case Study

Nail gun misfires – hits tradesman straight through the eye.


shutterstock_5752741_nailsSome time ago, Insurance Advisory Service provided advice to David Marks* on workers compensation and Income Protection Insurance. Making specific recommendations, changes and adjustments, David actioned our recommendations and got on with what he did best – building houses.


A few years later, we received a call from David’s wife, Sarah. David was in hospital. He had been operating a nail gun on site, and it had somehow malfunctioned – the nail going straight through his left eye. David sustained permanent damage to his left eye and as a result of the accident, was unable to continue in his usual occupation.


Outcome: As a result of the advice administered by Insurance Advisory Service (and subsequently taken by David), Income Protection Insurance payments were made to David and will continue to be made to him until he reaches the age of 65 years.


Insurance Advisory Service represented David throughout the entire claims processes, and ensured that his needs were met every step of the way. Had David stuck with his original plan of only taking out Workers Compensation Insurance, he would not have received these payments and as a result, would not have been able to provide for his family financially.


Lesson: its not necessarily correct to have one policy instead of another policy as they may complement each other.


*Real names are not used due to client confidentiality

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